Crime time: 5 home security features you need right now

HOMEBUYERS are seeking hi-tech security features as safety becomes a major selling point in a home amid increasing crime rates across Brisbane.

Exclusive data from online tradie marketplace, hipages, reveals Queensland in the past year has recorded a 58 per cent increase in security doors being installed and 50 per cent increase in security fencing.

This seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion in Pullenvale is advertised with full security fencing around the home and a remote access sliding gate and four car garage. A comprehensive security camera system covering the entire property is also on offer.


Expert’s message as Qld crime numbers skyrocket

But along with security screens, cameras and dead locks, more sophisticated home security options have become sought-after.

Smart home solution company Electronic Living managing director Damian Cavanagh said he had noticed an increase in panic rooms being requested in the past 12 to 24 months.

This five-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Pallara offers buyers roller blinds and security screens throughout. Also included is an alarm system for added peace of mind.

It comes as more listings on are being advertised with security features as a major selling point, including a Hope Island home on the Gold Coast boasting ‘24-hour security’ and a ‘world-standard QVS CCTV security system’.

This four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Hendra offers buyers an alarm system, security door garage and CCTV cameras installed throughout the home.

Electronic Living has provided a list of five hi-tech security options becoming sought-after among homeowners and buyers:

*Safe/panic rooms are less common due to the expense (often tens of thousands of dollars) of equipping a room in a home with the capabilities to lock down, but requests are increasing. Often a main bedroom ensuite is equipped with the capability to ‘lock down’ when an intruder is in the house.

*Perimeter surveillance cameras around the house and inside the garage are the easiest way to provide a visual deterrant and capture footage. Prices start as low as a few hundred dollars.

This three-bedroom, three-bathroom home on Tamborine Mountain boasts an intruder alarm, crim-safe screens to the lower level and electronic shutters throughout the house.

*Intruder detection systems that can be controlled remotely via smart phones. Advances in technology have resulted in cameras that can detect humans specifically, sending a warning to the owner on detection. These systems also allow people to program a recorded message or warning system, or speak directly to the intruder.

*A panic alarm on key fobs, bedroom walls or mobile devices are becoming popular to alert police or ward off intruders. These can be programmed to operate lights, play music, record alarms, or send a notification directly to emergency services.

*Lighting control in the event of an intruder being heard in the home can act as a deterrant. Having sensored lighting, or being able to turn lights on in any room of the house from the bedroom is much safer than confronting an intruder in the dark.

This four-bedroom, three bedroom home in Mitchelton offers buyers a double lock-up garage, CCTV on the exterior of the home, and a Bosch 6000 alarm system.

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