Mitch and Mark ‘super excited’ as their new TV show airs

Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie are hosting Location, Location, Location which premieres on Channel 10 on Friday June 30.

Former Blockheads Mitch and Mark are “super excited” as they burst back on telly from tonight on their new television show, promising “tears of joy” and “no nastiness”.

The Brisbane real estate market will kick off the first episode of Location, Location, Location, hosted by the flamboyant TV personalities – whose full names are Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie.

“We are super excited … we’ve got the TV set up and ready to go,” the pair told The Courier-Mail. “There are so many amazing stories and people we really just love spending time with and helping on the episode tonight.”

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“We remember it so clearly,” said Mitch. “It was such an emotional roller coaster … it’s going to be very special.”

“The show is about sharing our experiences, the highs, and lows to help other people avoid the potential pitfalls along the way. There’s no nastiness. People will walk away having had a lovely time. They might shed a tear of joy along the way.”

The pair are putting their own spin on house hunting using their 20-plus years of experience to guide everyday Aussies through one of the most nerve racking, important decisions of their lives – finding their dream home.

“People have got so many voices in their head about what they should do, shouldn’t do … it becomes very confusing and overwhelming,” said Mitch.

“Our job is to help people clear the fog,” Mark said. “It’s such a big purchase. There’s so much riding on this. I think people are scared they’ll make a mistake … our job is to give them confidence.”

Mitch and Mark walked away from The Block 2021 winning $644,444.44.

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Episode 1, which airs 7:30pm on Channel 10 will follow Mark’s couple, Brooke and Pete, on their quest for a renovated Queenslander for their young family. Meanwhile, Mitch helps Sophie, Gregg, and their two children escape their “haunted rental.”

“It’s interesting,” said Mitch. “The same principles apply whether you’ve got a lot of money, or a little money. It’s about getting hold of expectations and turning them into reality.”

The duo told Instagram followers that they know how to see opportunities that others might not in an ‘ugly duckling’ property that could be transformed into a swan.

Mark said the first episode will see the different ways of negotiating for a property. “I hope the audience will learn some things they can use when looking,” he said.

A Channel 10 statement said the series would see the pair navigate obstacles on the way with a lot of knowledge and fun.

Endemol Shine Australia CEO Peter Newman said he was immensely proud to see Location, Location, Location premiere on Channel 10 this Friday, June 30th at 7:30pm.


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