Multigenerational Westlake home heads to auction this weekend

215 Westlake Drive, Westlake heads to auction Saturday at 12pm.

A prestige Westlake family home is heading to auction this weekend after a change of circumstances in the family.

The five-bedroom, three-bathroom home at 215 Westlake Drive, Westlake, situated on 1571sq m, is a riverfront retreat with oversized living spaces and bedrooms for all types of families.

Owner Jared Chen and his multigenerational family have owned the home since 2003 when it last sold for $1.5m.

Mr Chen’s sister Angela Chen said moving to Westlake was one of her family’s best decisions.

“Here we spent and cultivated the years together where my husband and I got married,” she said.

Angela Chen on her wedding day at 215 Westlake Drive, Westlake Photo: Supplied

“Walking down the spiral staircase in my white gown was any girl’s dream.

“Christmas gatherings and birthday parties took place here frequently, and we always took lots of photos as the house is so picturesque.

“The neighbourhood is truly out of this world; within a few minute’s drive, you reach one of Brisbane‘s biggest suburban shopping centres, yet the fauna and flora we encounter are just magical.

“We get visits from all sorts of beautiful parrots, birds, and deer and can hear the cows moo around dawn from across the river.

“My favourite time of the day is going for a run down Westlake Drive in the late afternoon, and I feel immensely recharged from the stillness of the river scene and the perfect afternoon sun.

Ms Chen said the home had many fond memories for her and her family. Photo: Supplied

“Life took place, and we’ve moved into the city for work and our children’s school studies.

“We all miss the sweet house in Westlake, and deciding to keep or sell the property has always been a long-term debate.

Ms Chen said the quality of time living in Westlake is not replicable anywhere around Brisbane that is 30 minutes from the CBD.

“For the family that comes along, I hope they enjoy the stillness and the uninterrupted peace from the river, from the birds singing in the morning and the stunning life in the home”.

215 Westlake Drive, Westlake boasts large living spaces throughout the home.

Property agent Jason Yang from NGU Real Estate, Toowong, said there had been strong interest in the prestige home from outside the area due to the lack of availability on the riverfront.

“We are dealing with a handful of qualified buyers in a good position to secure the property at the auction.”

“It has been mostly families buyers that have been come through as everything about this house is oversized living.

“In terms of the prestige end of the market, there are fewer buyers, so the buyers we’re dealing with are qualified and willing to act and purchase now.”

The on-site auction will take place Saturday, July 15, at 12pm

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